Monday, January 28, 2008

The Beloved Gordon B. Hinckley: Introduction

My Dear Readers,

At about 8:30 last night (Sunday, January 27th), HermanaMayor said something that completely changed everything. She was on Facebook browsing her friends' profiles when she realized that several of them were talking about the death of our prophet, seer and revelator, Gordon B. Hinckley. The events that ensued were a testament to the life of the man we knew so well, as my sister desperately attempted to find a credible source. I was hoping that it was some kind of hoax, and for a while it seemed to me that I was right. We don't have broadcast television in our apartment, so we couldn't turn on the news, and the most official Church sources didn't have updates on the Sabbath. It took a good half-hour before we realized that HermanaMayor's Facebook friends were all right: the prophet died at the age of ninety-seven due to to his old age. This was followed by all of the roommates wondering what our lives would be like without him, mourning his loss, supporting the man who is now his successor (though at the time of his post he hasn't been chosen officially), feeling grateful for what he has given us, and expressing peace and contentment knowing that he has been lifted of a great burden and is finally reunited with his beloved wife.

We were not very surprised; we knew that he was old and we have spent the past few years cherishing every moment that he was still with us. The accomplishments of his life were extensive. The official Church statement is here, and it contains a very reverent and detailed explanation of who and what President Gordon B. Hinckley was. Since more informed sources can easily explain what this man has done for the Church and for the world better than I ever could, instead of giving a kind of biography on this man like you can find in abundance elsewhere, I would like to share with you, Gentle Reader, some very personal experiences that I have had and the things that I have learned about President Hinckley from them. Unfortunately, as I have attempted to put all of my thoughts into writing, the length has become a little too long for a medium like this one. So, to commemorate the life of the Lord's prophet, I will break with my established habits and write five different vignette posts (including this one) about my personal experiences with the prophet—one for each week day. Each will address a specific trait that I have noticed in President Hinckley, and by Friday, I hope that I will have explained what this man has meant to me as best as I can. I'll post again tomorrow, until then, I hope that you will feel free to post your own personal experiences with President Hinckley.

Regards, best wishes, and reverence,

-Cecily Jane

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