Monday, November 24, 2008

Running the Noveling Gauntlet!

My Dear Reader,

As of ten seconds ago, I have decided to keep my word and actually finish my second NaNoWriMo novel. It was kind of a hard decision to make, since I have less than seven days left to reach my goal of 50,000 words and I only have *gulp* 2,096 words right now.

Am I crazy, you ask? No, no I'm not. I'm eccentric, that's all. The difference is fairly simple: crazy people get locked up, and eccentric people win Newberry medals and have very entertaining personal lives.

It's probably going to be an awful novel. I have officially ceased to care. It's 50,000 or bust! So the posting might be a little crazy eccentric in the upcoming days (hence the early post), but rest assured that I am typing my fingers off. How I can do this and simultaneously find a job is uncertain, but I think that I'm about to find out.

If you have interpreted this post as a tight-lipped plea for help, you may not be far off of the mark. And while you can't write my novel for me, you can become an official follower of my blog (i.e. click the link to the right that says, "Follow this blog") so I can know that you care.

Regards, best wishes, and 47,904 to go,

-Cecily Jane


Megan Diane said...

Good luck my dear. See you when you resurface from the adventure!

ELI said...

I had a really vivid dream last night that you were helping me edit a paper I just turned in for one of my classes. You were very helpful. I wish I had had that dream a week or two ago before I turned it in because you gave me some really good advice. Thanks!

And it made me miss you:(