Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Thoughts from the Week that Started on May 19th, 2009

My Dear Reader,

With everything that is going on in my life this week, I found it nearly impossible to write my regular one-topic, longer-than-my-Madre-would-like post. Instead, enjoy some vignette posts of the things I've been thinking about in the past seven days:

I love my family. I love my crazy, crowded, musical Angl0-Italian side just as much as I love my quiet, reserved, homey Anglo-Irish side. My two sides are so different, but I learn a lot from that, especially when it comes to balance. Being with my huge-and-crazy side these past few weeks has really helped heal the pain of unemployment, and I feel a lot more sure that I have a purpose in this world, even though still I don't know what it is. By the way, I've finally gotten all the cousins who were born when I was at college to remember my name, which makes a big difference.

I would move to California permanently if it weren't for California's economy, laws, and government. Maybe in a few years after things bottom out. I'm the kind of person who has a hard time feeling like she belongs anywhere, but Sacramento is the exception. I love the diversity, the heat, and knowing where things are! 

The only things I like about Oregon are the lack of sales tax and the people who I know there. Everything else sucks. 

After some time and a lot of deep breathing, I've gotten over the new Star Trek movie and how mad it made me. I'm actually really glad that it is doing so darn well in the box office. I also realized how ironic it is that Star Trek: Enterprise, the worst Star Trek series by far, is the only show that wasn't completely screwed up by the new movie. Trust me; it's hilarious.

Editing wedding videos is awesome! I'm really starting to get the hang of it, which is great, because just a few short weeks ago I felt completely overwhelmed. I have to buy a Mac for the job, which created more stir when I posted about it on Facebook than just about anything: eight comments. I've been using my uncle's Mac while I've been staying with him (including when I typed this). I still like PCs better, but it will be nice to have anything other than my 2003 broken laptop. 

Two of my good friends are due to give birth the same day my baby sister is getting married: Friday. It's way too much for my brain to process. Anne Hathaway should star in a movie about this, but I'll only let her if Kate Hudson is banned from the set. 

According to my nine-year-old cousin, I'm really good at talking to kids in a way that doesn't bore them to tears. It was probably one of the best compliments ever.

Okay, so I'm still not over the fact that my sister is getting married on Friday.

Regards, best wishes, and the variety of life,

-Cecily Jane

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