Wednesday, June 10, 2009

PC Girl Gets a Mac! [Updated]

My Dear Reader,

So I absolutely had to buy a Mac for my new job. It turns out that you can't really edit video on a PC. Before May, the only real contact I'd had with a Mac was with an old (mid-1990s) model the my childhood best friend had. I remember not being very impressed at all, especially with the wallpaper. (When you're in elementary school, the wallpaper is what really matters.)

I admit that the next time I ever thought about a Mac was my first semester in college, when I had a floor-mate who would hand out Mac pamphlets like they were tickets to the Promised Land. She seriously tried to convert us all.

I was slightly turned off.

However, after my vast experience with PCs, and my month of experience with a Mac, I feel that I have the knowledge necessary to compare the two. In all fairness, I'm going to have to compare it to modern PCs and not the one I own, which I bought in 2003 (and named Eris, after the Greek god of discord). The new Mac, by the way, has been christened Catriona, the Scottish version of Catherine. Here's the list of pros and cons so far:

  • It's pretty.
  • It has an eject button right on the keyboard!
  • It starts up and shuts down quickly.
  • The monitor isn't separate from the tower, which keeps things simple. Less cords equals good.
  • It has a lot of media-friendly programs that come with it, like GarageBand and iMovie.
  • I think it deserves two bullet points for just how pretty it is.
  • It came with only half of a keyboard! Instead of coming with the full, ten-key board that is normal for desktops, it came with the condensed version that come on laptops. I use those extra keys for my job, so I had to buy the full keyboard for an extra $50. Blech.
  • No right-click on the mouse! Ahhhhh!
  • The Safari browser that comes with it likes to close unexpectedly a lot. Especially when I'm trying to get into my Netflix account. Internet Explorer seems a lot more stable.
  • I still have to restart the computer whenever I download something or have a problem! The Mac Guy lies!
  • It's a lot harder to install extra memory correctly.
  • A lot of the cool freeware I like isn't available for a Mac. In general, it seems like if you want to modify a Mac, you're out of luck.
  • I don't buy the "Macs never get viruses" thing.
  • The free word processor is lame, as is any of the non-media software. It appears that the Mac is only designed to be practical if you're in the entertainment industry.
  • Like, every single program on this thing has an "i" in front of it. I want to beat myself with something. iCal for the calendar? Come on!
  • There is no SD card slot! In general, if it's not connectible by Firewire or USB, you're out of luck.

The funny thing is that with all things considered, the majority of it is very much the same. With all of these differences, though, I think I'm still a PC girl. Hopefully I'll get used to the change sooner or later, right?

Regards, best wishes, and sorry this post was late,

-Cecily Jane


Janae said...

This should be helpful for right clicking:

lina said...

yeah, I actually really enjoy the mac commercials, but I'm with you on this one, I'm a PC, never been terribly impressed with the mac.

Anonymous said...

did you try getting firefox? i find it to be better than internet explorer and safari :)

Anonymous said...

I'm pleased to see your con list outweighs -- significantly -- your pros list. Whenever dealing with Apple products (except for the superb IIe c. early 1990s), negatives ought ALWAYS exceed positives in number.

Is it too late to return this contraption, though? I realize I've probably stumbled upon this website too late to save you the exorbitant (ly unnecessary) expense of your shiny new trinket, but I'm compelled to take offense at your comments that one "can't really edit video on a PC" and the one about Macs "only being practical if you're in the entertainment industry" (not necessarily verbatim; I'm not going back to check). I'll let you in on a little secret few Macintosh thralls will ever realize: PCs, and their accompanying software, are *better for editing video than Macs.* I run a small video production company and we use strictly Windows-based computers. And the funnest part? We dabbled with Mac hardware and software (Final Cut and Premiere, specifically) and found it to be inferior in nearly every way to our PC-equivalent components and programs. Not all, to be fair; the Mac stuff was (a) far more expensive and (b) had a few silly built-in extras that aren't of any use to anyone worth their salt. In just about every other way, however, PCs have significantly stepped up their game and can now not only COMPETE with Apple's offerings as far as video- and photo-editing go, but WIPE THE PROVERBIAL FLOOR with 'em.

In conclusion, I apologize for my rant, but as a professional videographer, I get very, VERY argumentative when people claim Macs (especially the highly-lauded, waste-of-money Macbook Pro) are the end- and be-all of video editing. Return the thing if you can, regardless of how attached you may be! I'll happily show you the intelligent side of PC editing. It's easier, faster, more intuitive, and won't cost you any appendages.

Moving on.