Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Palin Power!

My Dear Reader,

I just have to say that I am one of those new Sarah Palin fans. I'm going with the crowd, I know, but I just can't help it. I have this weakness for strong, incredibly feminine women. Show me a woman who has that unmistakable boo-yah quality without sacrificing her femininity, and I become an instant die-hard fan. This explains my adoration for Captain Janeway, Julie Andrews, Barbra Streisand, and Teri Hatcher's Lois Lane. While they may differ in personality, methods, and morals, all four of these women (fictional or not) are really good being themselves without trading away their ability to be powerful. I've watched all four of them as I was a little girl and in desperate need of positive female role models. I suppose that that little girl is still somewhere inside of me, waiting for another strong role model to come along and give me another spark of inspiration.* So when I watched Governor Palin's speech at the Republican National Convention, I was sold. It was hard not to be, because as I feel that you will agree, she rocked that house.

But Sarah Palin is more than simply awesome. She also shares a lot of my values, and she is not ashamed of them, no matter how unpopular they are. In a world that equates femininity to being pro-choice, Governor Palin is one of the few women who are willing to stand proudly on the side of pro-life. And when you happen to be a pro-life woman, and when it it so important to you that it's a deal-breaker, that makes quite the impression. And I could go on, but this post would be too long. Unfortunately, however, the momentum that made Sarah Palin so darn awesome seems to tapered off recently, as a less-than-par interview (or two) aired. And as you probably are aware, these interviews were decidedly less boo-yah.

Actually, it was kind of like what I would have said if I was interviewed by Katie Couric. Or what I have said multiple times in class when put on the spot by a professor who gets pleasure out of life by dragging me down into the fiery abyss of a failing grade. Ironically enough, if I identified with Sarah Palin after I heard her convention speech, I was convinced that we were twins separated at birth (and by twenty years) after watching that interview. I have totally been there, though thankfully not on national television. I'm not being ironic here; that was my actual reaction. After all, I tend to be loyal to a fault, and if I could stand by Captain Janeway when she uber-evolved into a mutant lizard and had mutant lizard children with a guy who recently coughed up his own tongue, I can weather this storm. Think about me what you will, Gentle Reader, but I will stay on course, praying that my newest hero brings it to the vice-presidential debate later this week.

But if she doesn't, I'll still be there to see this through to the end. I guess it's just the fan girl in me. Strong pro-life women are hard to come by, you know.

Regards, best wishes, and a knock-out on Thursday,

-Cecily Jane

P.S. I apologize to you again for the untimeliness of this post. I know that some of my multitude of readers are on the internet constantly every Tuesday from 12:01 a.m. to 11:59 p.m., refreshing every couple of seconds as they wait for the newest post to appear. If you were one of those people, Gentle Reader, know that my life is insanely weird right now, and my posting schedule tends to reflect that. However, I will not allow this to excuse my behavior, and I hereby promise to turn and repent.

P.P.S. Is this short enough, Madre? ;)

* I have recently realized that this enthusiasm for strong female role models often comes off the wrong way, and unfortunately led my brothers to believe that I was a she-woman man-hating type of feminist. And that explains a lot of their behavior towards me in recent years, come to think of it. While I firmly believe in equal pay for equal work, I promise that I have never burned any of my intimates. Not even my brothers.


Anonymous said...

Just because people don't do well in interviews doesn't mean they are not the ideal candidate. We need ethical leaders in government. Sarah Palin gets an A+ from me in ethical actions in government. So what if she get's C's in interviewing media wolves!

Molly said...

no, you leave the burning of unmentionables to me.

Anonymous said...

I personally think Mrs. Palin comes across as very uninformed. But hey, what do I know?